Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding doors

Experience seamless convenience with our automatic sliding doors. Effortlessly blending style and functionality, these doors provide a sophisticated entry solution for modern spaces. Engineered for smooth operation, they enhance accessibility while adding a touch of innovation to your environment. Welcome the future of effortless entrances with our cutting-edge automatic sliding doors.

Fully automated and suitable for use with a range of openings (including single, double and telescopic), our automatic sliding doors offer an attractive and efficient solution within commercial or office environments.

DAC Automation Sliding Doors

Choose from:

  • Automatic Swing doors
  • Automatic Sliding doors
  • Automatic Telescopic doors

Smooth-running and low maintenance, DAC automatic doors can suit a range of different environments and are fully adjustable to suit the traffic flow, making them the perfect choice for both high and low traffic environments, as well as environments which see differing levels of foot traffic throughout the day or week.

Best suited to commercial environments, DAC automatic sliding doors can be fitted as both internal and external doors and boast beautifully elegant designs paired with robust materials to ensure durability and long life. Made using the highest quality materials and fitted by our expert engineers, the DAC automatic sliding door range blends in seamlessly with all modern business environments, offering you peace of mind, durability, safety and style.

All our sliding doors can be integrated with both new and existing control systems, as well as fire alarm systems.

Why use automatic sliding doors?

There are many benefits of choosing automatic doors, whether it’s a single sliding door, or a double sliding door.

Automatic doors offer benefits such as:

  • High levels of durability and flexibility
  • Can be integrated with existing control and fire alarm systems
  • Are easily adjusted to suit different environments
  • Come with plug and play installation
  • Reduce heat loss from the building
  • Exhalant safety
  • Space-saving
  • Environmentally friendly

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