Swing Door Operator


SW300 swing door operator

Is the perfect choice where reliable performance and superior safety together with an appealing slim look is of extra importance.

SW300 is an intelligent and powerful electromechanical swing door operator.

With a slim 70 mm design, it is suitable for small spaces.

The perfect choice for entrances with high traffic flows in healthcare, housing, offices, and public environments where a low noise level are of great importance.


ASSA ABLOY SW300 Operator

Energy-efficiencyThe innovative electronics in the ASSA ABLOY SW300 ensure minimal energy consumption for optimal door performance.


The operator is safe to use for all, despite age and physical ability. In case of an obstruction by a person or object, the obstruction control ensures stop on stall and reverse operation. Furthermore, the swing door operator is fully compliant with European standards and fire approved, making it ideal for creating and maintaining security, smoke and fire zones.


An entrance equipped with a ASSA ABLOY SW300 operator is always accessible due to battery back-up.

The operator also monitors the battery for power and function, and gives an electronic indication if it is not working properly and needs to be replaced.

The operator is truly reliable during all weather conditions as it is not affected by stack pressure and wind load when opening and/or closing. Also, for your convenience, safety and quick exit, the door can easily be manually opened, despite extended closing torque, due to sensor detection ensuring lowest manual opening force.

In addition to the standard version, there is a Double Acting (DA) function with possibility for manual opening in both directions with automatic reset.