Safety Upgrades

Equipment upgrades to Improve Performance and Safety

Technology advances and safety regulations change. DAC Automation upgrade options will keep your automatic entrances on the cutting edge of both.

Our sliding door operator and sensor upgrades are a very cost-effective way to ensure that your automatic entrances are operating optimally in terms of safety, performance and energy-efficiency.

The service repair kit for sliding door operators refits your existing operator with the latest technology to meet the safety, performance and efficiency requirements of your automated entrance. It allows our engineers to replace the drive unit, control unit and transmission while retaining the original mechanical parts, support beam and cover, resulting in considerable savings compared to the purchase of a new operator.

DAC Automation safety upgrades allow older automatic doors of any make or model to be fitted with the latest activation and safety sensors, ensuring that your entrances comply with local safety standards and meet users expectations for convenience and reliable performance.




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