What Is D.D.A. Disability Discrimination Act And How DAC Can Help With Compliance?

Posted in Automatic Door News by DAC on August 1st 2013

Decided to install automatic doors?  Do you know that all automatic door installations need to be DDA compliant?  Well, they do!

What Is It And How Does DDA Affect Your Business?

The DDA or Disability Discrimination Act is a set of regulations that are aimed at ending the discrimination that many disabled people face.  This Act gives people with disabilities the rights in areas of employment, access to goods, facilities and services, buying or renting land or property.  The law deems it necessary for businesses offering employment or services to people with disabilities, to adhere to specific requirements they may have, which means you may have to make physical adjustments to your premises. One major aspect of this Act is the provision of safe and effective access to buildings, for example ramps for wheel chair access, emergency exit procedures, and in most cases, automated doors for the physically disabled and the blind.  Penalties for non compliance can range from heavy compensation claims to, in a worst case scenario, complete closure of a business.

What Are The Other Reasons For You To Consider DDA Compliant Automatic Door Installation?

Studies reveal that there are millions of people who have been registered as disabled and a similar number of people over the age of 64.  This means the disabled and elderly represent a large percentage of the population and if your automatic door installation is not DDA compliant then you may be losing money every year from customers who simply cannot access your premises.

How DAC Can Help With DDA Compliance?

We are experts in door automation installation and servicing, ensuring all of our clients meet their legal obligations in line with DDA regulations.  We pay meticulous attention to all details including door widths, height, vision panels, and door safety.  We offer regular servicing and maintenance to ensure safety, security and operative efficiency.  Our automatic doors are subject to EN16005 safety standards and are DDA compliant, which makes them safe and secure.

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