Automatic Doors Maintenance With DAC Automation

Posted in Automatic Door News by DAC Automation on June 12th 2013

Automatic doors, as the name suggests, open automatically when someone reaches a set distance from the door. These are normally found in industrial and commercial settings.

Automatic door maintenance has to be periodic and professional, as there are different designs of doors and different technical aspects to be taken care of such as the sensor, electrical motors, mechanical issues, and much more.

Various Problems Related To Automatic Doors

Since automatic doors are frequently used, to ensure smooth operation and avoid accidents, automatic door maintenance in regular intervals becomes necessary. There are various aspects that have to be taken care of, as mentioned above.

Automatic doors vary in design and each type requires different types of maintenance. At times; there could be electrical issues for which you have to find an electrical expert or there could be structural issues which demand a different set of experts. There are also times when you require security precautions that demand specific installations.

The Need For A Professional Automatic Door Repair Service

Since there are various issues, which could demand most of your time and money. This problem is solved however when you find a professional company like DAC Automation, who can be a one stop shop for maintenance services on your automatic doors.

The great advantage of such a professional company assisting you is that every problem related to the doors, irrespective of the type of door and type of problem, is addressed and you can be sure that our experts can handle any problem.

However, the best way to avoid malfunctions of automatic doors is to maintain them on a regular basis and ensure that the doors are safe enough to use.

Maintain Automatic Doors with Good Standards

When you maintain automatic doors to good standards, it not only ensures safety but also maintains the image of your business; as the gateway to your commercial premises should impress your potential customers.

The best solution for automatic door maintenance is to find a professional company for a comprehensive service by just making a call.


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