Quality And Reliable Automation Door Repair

Posted in Automatic Door News by DAC Automation on June 10th 2013

With over 35 years in automatic door repairs for all makes, models and brands, we will bring your automatic door back to life, no matter what condition it may be in.

Equipped with fully stocked vans, ADSA certified, fully insured and capable of handling any job size; we are there to get your automatic door right back in working condition.

The doors we service include revolving doors, manual or automatic, sliding, swinging and folding doors.

A Range Of Doors Available

Our doors can be used for:

  • lightweight swinging doors in offices
  • Heavy duty doors used in shops and banks etc 
  • Sliding doors for supermarkets
  • Industrial speed doors

No matter what kind of automatic door you have, DAC Automation will repair them.

Upgrades For Automatic Door Repairs

As technology and safety regulations develop and change over the years, so do the services we provide. Customers can always be confident that their doors will be repaired to the highest and most current standards. Our service repair kits will leave your automatic doors operating at optimum energy efficiency, safety and performance.

We have the right parts, knowledge and team to maintain, upgrade, service and deliver a first class door repairs and service; ensuring a safe operation of your doors and simultaneously enhancing the life of your automatic doors.

To get a quote for repairs of automatic doors, contact DAC Automation at 07717085885 or drop in an email at dave@dacautomation.co.uk, and we will get back to you.