Automatic Door Installation In Your Office

Posted in Door Maintenance Tips by DAC on June 5th 2013

Revolving doors are popular types of automatic doors, commonly used in huge commercial settings and business premises such as hospitals, shopping centres, public organisations, offices and more. These doors are energy efficient and can vary in design, size, number of doors and dimensions, according to each places requirements.

Though the basic design of many automatic revolving doors is the same, there are huge variations in the configurations.

Range of Revolving Automatic Doors Services

There are three types of revolving doors - manual, automatic, and security revolving doors. So depending on the type of doors and parts, a range of maintenance and repair services may be required.

Professional automatic doors repair companies can take care of all aspects of door maintenance, including:

  • Replacement of doors and locks
  • Installing new doors
  • Custom glass repairs and much more.


Professional Help For Automatic Door Repairs

Getting professional help and regular maintenance would solve many common and unexpected problem issues with automatic doors.

Another important reason to have a professional service for automatic door repair is to ensure building security. Regular maintenance provided by a professional company gives peace of mind that everything is functioning at optimum levels and all the security measures are intact.

The great thing about automatic doors is that they minimise noise pollution to the inside of a building and they reduce exposure to outside weather which can alter indoor temperatures.

If you are looking to renovate your building with new automatic doors or simply need a reliable provider of automatic door maintenance and repairs, contact DAC Automation. We cover a range of services involving sliding, swinging and revolving automatic doors. Every door fitted by us comes with a 2 year warranty and the quality of the doors is maintained to BS7036 standards.

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