What Kind Of Automatic Sliding Doors Do You Need?

Posted in Door Maintenance Tips by DAC on May 29th 2013

Automatic sliding doors offer a high level of safety and durability. They are ideal for commercial buildings and high traffic areas. The doors allow for the efficient and safe flow of people in and out of the building whilst remaining sturdy and aesthetically pleasing.

Types Of Automatic Sliding Doors

There are 3 types of automatic sliding doors: bi-parting doors, single sliding doors, and telescopic sliding doors.

A bi-parting sliding door is mostly used as a sliding door in front of a pallet rack, when there is limited space and the need for opening one door at a time. The bi-parting automatic sliding doors provide safe and easy access into the building, and are reliable and smooth.

A single sliding door is an excellent and efficient option for when there is not enough space to open a swing door.

When the door needs to be placed in the middle of the wall, a double sliding door is a perfect solution. Each half of the door is pushed to the sides. Automatic sliding doors are an elegant option for renovations and new construction.

Telescopic sliding doors offer great flexibility in design where a wide opening door is required but the space available is limited. It offers power, safety and reliability with a heavy duty automatic door. The robust construction and precise microprocessor technology make this door the premier choice.

DAC Automatic Sliding Doors

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