Why Safety Is Important With Automatic Doors

Posted in Door Maintenance Tips by DAC Automation on April 19th 2013

An automatic door is a common choice for hotels and restaurants. Properly installed and maintained they are convenient, secure access and leave a positive impression on the customers and temporary residents.

Types Of Automatic Doors

There are different types of automatic doors: swinging, sliding and folding. Sliding doors provide two-way traffic and can swing open when pushed out in emergencies.  This type of door requires an adequate amount of room to move.

Folding doors are another type of automatic door which in contrary to sliding doors need minimum space to install and use safely, making them  the more popular choice when space is limited. Folding doors should include sensors or control mats and safety signs

Swinging doors consist of two doors – one inward and another one outward. These automatic doors enable two-way traffic. It is important to indicate on the doors the direction of traffic in order to avoid hazards and ensure the safety of users.

Choose the right type for you and your business. They are usually very safe but need regular maintenance to ensure safety.

Service and Maintain Your Doors

It is important to service and maintain automatic doors to guarantee safety. You have to be confident in the efficiency and reliability of your doors at all times. Contact professionals who can offer expert advice and send an engineer if required. Your doors can be maintained, upgraded and serviced by a team who is familiar with all automatic door manufacturers.

Call now and talk to a friendly staff member as they can help you with any issues and can answer any questions you may have.

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