Automatic Door Repair For Broken Automatic Doors

Posted in Door Maintenance Tips by DAC Automation on April 18th 2013

Revolving doors are the most popular choices for industrial, commercial and business premises. In any of these settings, safety and security is of great importance and these entrance doors have a major role to play in determining the building’s overall security as well as its visual appeal. In order to keep these automatic doors looking great and operating at maximum efficiency, it is best to hire a professional service for revolving door repairs and maintenance; saving plenty of time and money.

The Advantage Of Professional Automatic Door Repair Services

There are numerous advantages of hiring professional services to take care of your revolving door repairs as well as maintaining them to maximise performance. These doors require complete changing of weather strips for the bottom, top and vertical sides of every door wing, at least once a year for optimum performance.

The revolving door repairs professionals understand every technical aspect of automatic doors and provide the required services on time and on budget. The process of keeping them in excellent condition is not as straight forward as some people may believe. Revolving doors require lubrication, cleaning, and adjustments of the doors along with a hardware system that includes adjusting discs, shafts, pivots, speed control, and much more.

Any defective parts have to be replaced and the electrical factors and mechanical issues have to be addressed with the right kind of experts. All this is possible by hiring just a single revolving door repair company. Another great advantage is, irrespective of the make of your door, these experts are able to take care of any kind of automatic door repairs.

Automatic Doors Repair That Goes The Extra Mile

DAC Automation professional door servicing company not only replaces the little parts but can also replace the entire door if the situation demands it. Partial replacements such as hanger assemblies, pivot assemblies, disc assemblies, adapters and shafts and wing assemblies can also be done in isolation based on the needs of the situation.
We take care of all types of repairs and when we replace a new door we offer a guarantee for the safety and durability of the new and improved automatic doors.
To sum it all up, hiring a professional company like DAC Automation for your revolving door repairs will give you peace of mind and smooth operations.

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